Dirty Secrets To Passing UTME Exams Or Jamb Exams And Scoring Very High Marks

May 28, 2018

Many students that have reasoned their UTME/Jamb registration believe that UTME/Jamb examination is hard, the simple truth is it is as challenging as you make it or see it, for individuals who understand the secret it is not difficult at all. But You Have to understand these points, before going into the examination hall:

First: Study hard and be prepared for the questions
Two: Know the technique to reply UTME/JAMB evaluation questions.

By way of instance, from the sciences like Chemistry and Physics, the first few pages are filled with calculations whereas the very last pages are straight answer questions. If you aren’t aware, you will begin from the start wasting time on calculation questions you can solve ordinarily. But if you answer the straightforward questions initially, you’d have narrowed and obtained some time before attempting the calculation component.

If Biology is part of the subjects, run through it prior to going to Physics and chemistry. You will sure get more than half the time stored for Chemistry and Physics. In JAMB Change of Course , you are graded based on the number of questions you answered correctly. If you can answer 30 questions out of 50 for instance and get them all correctly, you’ll get a bigger mark than somebody who attempted all queries through guess work.

Three: Learn how to clinic with past questions as the examiners, no matter how creative or crafty, would still come out with similar queries to the past questions.

Eventually forget about”runs” because most of the”runs” men don’t understand anything. There are a lot of those who can’t speak good English and still they purport to organize”runs” for JAMB pupils. How do you expect the students to pass through such”conducts”?

After the above mentioned steps is the easiest way to find yourself on campus come following academic session. Hope to see you on campus next session.